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Alarm System Installation
Oshawa Security Systems offer a full range of security products to do every size home or business. The preferred products are a wide verity of WIRED alarm systems. Each area of protection has a wire run to the contact point.
Most residential alarm systems involve contacting the entire perimeter as well as installing keypads in the master bedroom area and any additional entry exit area. Keypads can be used to summon help and add to the ease of use of the system. Fire protection is always an option with a system installed by Oshawa Security, fire can cause more damage in less time than any burglary can. Security systems can monitor environmental conditions like temperature, water levels or even humidity conditions.

24-Hour ULC Listed Monitoring
24 hour ULC listed central station monitoring can be set up through Oshawa Security at a very reasonable rate. Monitoring can reduce your insurance premiums and you know if something happens at the home or business the right people will be brought in ASAP. Monitoring can be set up on a PAPP program or an annual fee. Monitoring of the security system also reports conditions such as loss of power and low battery. These signals assure any service required is reported ASAP.

CCTV Installations
Many business clients have utilized the use of CCTV systems in their place of business. Having a copy of what took place can often help in recovering the property or knowing where the problems lie. CCTV systems have come down in cost and the features are so advanced at this point some systems can pick a face out of a crowd of people. Many new developments in the CCTV have come out of the 911 crises. Oshawa Security Systems offer a full range of these products at many different price ranges.

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