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.. Welcome to Oshawa Security Systems! ..

We have placed a large amount of information here to assist you with a new purchase or to help maintain an existing system. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Security protection today comes in many forms. Oshawa Security prides themselves in complete pre-entry alarm systems. This requires that all windows and doors be contacted as well as fire protection installed.

Oshawa Security Systems prefers to use of control panels that require the installation of wires. Wired systems in the opinion of this company out perform wireless counterparts. The installation of a wired system takes longer but the advantages out weigh future problems.

Many larger companies promote the 2 door contacts and one motion with a long-term monitoring contract to sign. Oshawa Security promotes complete systems without long-term contracts. This direction in focus is why Oshawa Security is going into its 20th year of business.

Please check the site over for information and if you have any questions please call or fill out a request for information.


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